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Web3: The Power is In Your Hands

Web3 is about so much more than decentralizing social media or metaverse assets. It's about putting the power into the hands of the users. For LeoFinance and our Web3 Ecosystem, we define this as democratizing the access, knowledge and opportunities of the new internet revolution.
This philosophies finds its bearing in everything that we build. With LeoFinance's flagship app - the social media desktop app ( and the LeoMobile IOS / Android portal to our social layer - this comes in several forms. At the top of that list is democratizing the incentive structure for seeding LeoFinance with great content and driving traffic to it.

Evergreen Content, Driving Traffic and Increasing Engagement

LeoFinance runs on a model of

Stake and Earn

Staking Rewards Display on the LeoFinance Wallet UI has ad partnerships to display ads on the UI. These ads are seen by the core community as well as the hundreds of thousands of unique external views that LeoFinance gets on a monthly basis.
LeoFinance Ad Partners Display In-Line Content Ads
These ads drive in Ad revenue to the LeoFinance Ad Protocol, paid in the form of Bitcoin (BTC). The protocol uses this BTC to purchase LEO and then deposit it into the LeoAds pool each month.
The LeoAds pool then pays out an equal percentage of the rewards to every user who is staking LEO as LEO POWER on their wallet.
Current Staking Rewards APY is Roughly 4-10% Annually.