Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Help?

If you're reading this, many things in the crypto ecosystem can be daunting to tackle. Our Community is an amazing place to get help and engage with people who are both willing and excited to share their knowledge.
Joining the LeoFinance Discord can be one of the best ways to dive deeper into this industry. Jump in there and say hello and feel free to ask any questions in General chat. If you need some 1-on-1 help - especially with LeoFinance Apps - then jump in the #Tech-Support channel and open a ticket for our support team.

Why Should Anyone Buy LEO?

Owning LEO is owning a piece of an ever-evolving Web3 ecosystem. In the past, we've talked many times as a community about what LEO is, how it should be utilized and who should own it. Over time, it has become abundantly clear that owning LEO is owning a scarce asset that is always growing as our ecosystem evolves.
LEO represents so much more than just a rewards currency or just a bridge currency or just a liquidity pool asset...
What you see throughout this whitepaper is the evolution of LeoFinance as an ecosystem and the simultaneous evolution of LEO as a Web3 Ecosystem Asset.
The Opportunities section lists many of LEO's utilities - where you can use it, how you can stake it for 80%+ APY.

What is the Difference Between LEO, wLEO, bLEO and pLEO?

The entire LeoFinance project is built with the LEO token at the heart of everything. LEO is our native token on the Hive blockchain where it can be earned via content creation/curation and staking in your wallet.
  • wLEO is a wrapped version of the LEO token on Ethereum
  • bLEO is a wrapped version of the LEO token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • pLEO is a wrapped version of the LEO token on the Polygon Blockchain
LEO, wLEO, bLEO and pLEO all carry the same value as they can be instantly wrapped or unwrapped into the native equivalent using the wallet UI or (recommended).

What is CubFinance?

As a Web3 community LeoFinance aims to bridge the gap to the broader crypto world. We believe in a seamless, multi-blockchain future. One of the core tenants of this future is the democratization of access to financial applications in the new world of Decentralized Finance.
With CubFinance, we launched what we consider to be the base layer of a massive expansion we're undertaking into the DeFi space.
CubFinance utilizes various smart contracts to enable users to deposit and interact with external platform vaults. These vaults are built by large platforms like PancakeSwap and incentivize users to deposit their Digital Assets into liquidity pools, providing them Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their deposits.
Think of CubFinance as a portal into the broader DeFi industry. You can dive deep into our Sister Project on its standalone docs.

What is the LEO Token's Role in the Project?

When LeoFinance first launched in July 2019, we built everything around the LEO token itself. As LeoFinance has progressed and taken on a much wider collection of applications and projects, we've launched a number of other tokens to handle each project to best suit the needs of those specific use cases. With projects like "CubFinance" and "ProjectBlank", new tokens are introduced to have native economies built-in that best serve a specific purpose - and bridge LEO to other blockchains.
With all of these tokens and various applications, many people have wondered if LEO will ever be phased out or "less valuable" than any of these other tokens/projects. The entire idea behind LeoFinance and our approach to buidling makes it clear that the opposite is true: instead, we aim to use LEO as the token to bridge all tokens. It's the core pillar to a wide-ranging collection of applications and use cases which collectively encompass our vision for a Web3 Ecosystem.
The fundamental mission of LeoFinance is and always will be to grow our core user base while providing valuable tools and apps that simultaneously serve our existing users and attract new users to the LeoFinance economy. The LEO token is how we bridge everything back to center mass.
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