Introduction to the LeoFinance Web3 Ecosystem of Applications, Our Token and Mission

LeoFinance: A Web3 Ecosystem

LeoFinance is a Web3 ecosystem that develops and manages a wide range of blockchain-based applications. We launched in July 2019 as a social media platform for crypto and finance content.
We have since evolved in our journey to become a multi-blockchain Web3 ecosystem: A community and organization operating blockchain-based applications that fulfill our mission of revolutionizing the world of self-directed investing and utilization of Web3 and tokenization.
The community and our social platform ( are the base layer (Layer 0) of the entire LeoFinance project. The community doesn't just create and interact with content, they research and disseminate incredible ideas as we all live on the bleeding edge of technology, finance and the crypto industry. Many would describe us as a tokenized community for crypto creators but since mid 2020, this vision has reshaped itself into something much more dynamic alongside the continual evolution of Web3 and Cryptocurrencies.
Our project has evolved on all levels and the most apt description of who we are, what we do and how we operate is: Web3 Ecosystem.

Our Vision

Web2 corporations - Twitter, Facebook, Google - have largely turned away from being cooperative enablers of growth to being competitive extractors of growth.
Web3 seeks to change that. We envision a world where the dissemination of information and access is widely distributed. We've already seen this change in a radical way with access to information via the internet and this access is now infiltrating itself deeper into society.
The mission of LeoFinance is to democratize access to financial knowledge and opportunities.

Our Focus

Our focus is on creating a Web3 Ecosystem that enables our users to deepen their financial knowledge while also take advantage of opportunities that, before Web3, were hard to learn about and impossible to engage in. is the backbone of this entire project and it is the core application that we developed from the ground up and continue to develop and manage every single day. With this in mind, we build other applications that go hand-in-hand with our flagship application and the community that makes this entire ecosystem thrive.
We believe in Layer 0: Community. The community is everything and we're building a Web3 ecosystem where our growth is reliant on our ability to generate network effect and peer-to-peer adoption at scale.
By taking a unique approach of relentlessly pushing the bounds of frontend, backend and blockchain technology while listening to the crowd wisdom of our core user base, we've developed a wide range of applications to service the mission of democratizing knowledge and access to finance.

Our Web 3.0 Philosophy

Web3 is the New Frontier of the Internet, Digital Assets and Peer-to-Peer Engagement. Learn more about our philosophy and our Vision for Web 3.0:

How to Use This Whitepaper

Our goal with these pages is to educate and disseminate the LeoFinance Mission and carve out a definitive vision as we continue to build applications on the bleeding edge of the Crypto and Web 3.0 industry.
Much like the edge of the Universe itself, we believe that this industry is rapidly expanding and continuously evolving into something new. Our aim is to always stay on the bleeding edge of development and build incredible new tools to push forward our vision of Web 3.0 and empower our community to engage with and utilize the democratization of financial access that is happening before our eyes.
The world of finance is rapidly changing. This was evident before the Covid-19 crisis but much like other digital revolutions - like the work-from-home movement - retail investing and financial awareness have grown sharply in the past few years.
Whether you're looking at the stock market, real estate, digital assets or even federal reserves and fiat currencies... The landscape of the financial markets has never been as volatile and open as today.

The New Reality

The younger generations have become deeply engrained in the internet and digital access. It's a part of their everyday lives. While talking about the Metaverse and all these crazy applications that may one day become reality might seem far off, we believe that the Metaverse is already here and that it is actively shaping itself around the intersection of our digital and physical lives today.
What we're seeing today is the rapid adoption of new technologies that connect our digital selves and our physical selves in a way that most never dreamed possible. We all have a digital life and a physical life and the advent of Web 3.0 will forever change the way we use the internet, participate in financial opportunities and engage with each other as human beings.
LeoFinance is today and will forever live on the bleeding edge of these technologies. Looking for opportunities grow our Monthly Active Users (MAUs) while building innovative applications with great UI/UX that further democratize financial knowledge and access.
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