LeoFinance is a Web3 community with a growing list of opportunities to leverage investments, stake LEO and earn crypto on multiple levels: Proof of Stake, Proof of Brain and DeFi

LEO: Proof of Brain

Earning crypto on LeoFinance can happen in myriad ways. One of the most common - especially for people who enjoy crypto and finance content - is to blog about investing, finance and crypto on LeoFinance. LeoFinance Authors and Curators earn thousands of dollars (USD) every month for creating and curating content.

LEO: Proof of Stake

You can stake LEO and earn rewards actively or passively (Current APY is 20%+). Staking LEO grants you "LEO POWER (LP)" on LP is essentially voting clout on LeoFinance. The more LP a user has, the more they can dictate the flow of rewards on the platform.
Building a social media brand in Web3 is about more than just content creation and engagement.
While those are important, holding staking in the platform and growing that stake on a provable, open blockchain also shows the whole community you're here to stay and building for the long-term. Simultaneously, it sparks engagement with your content as users know that you have more "clout" on the platform and can dictate the flow of rewards to people who you deem worthy.
The power of this when it comes to brand building, earning rewards and leveraging your stake to generate high yields simultaneously is truly incredible.

LEO: Liquidity Pools

LEO is also a bridge asset. It can be deployed onto multiple blockchains - currently: Hive, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon - this allows us to do some really interesting things with LEO via the Wrapped LEO bridge economies.
With the bridge connecting to various blockchains, users are able to seamlessly and permissionlessly transfer LEO from one supported blockchain to another. This allows open access to new token economies that these blockchains offer. Liquidity Pools are just the tip of the iceberg and ours pay 30-80% APY for hodling LEO in them.