Building Twitter on the Blockchain

ProjectBlank - Before Public Release serves as a long-form blogging app with the focus of bringing high quality crypto content creators and readers together on a Web3 platform.
Long-form content in-and-of-itself is a niche part of the internet. Many people love to read long-form content and spend the time to go deep on a variety of subjects. takes this niche a step further by specifically focusing on crypto and finance content.
Throughout 2020-2021 a growing need was identified for a short-form Web3 platform. An application that resembled Twitter - the infamous microblogging Web2 platform - but built on the core Web3 principles of censorship resistance, blockchain and tokenization.
Project Blank was born out of this idea that we could continue our development of the LeoFinance Code Stack and then fork and adapt it for short-form content. This would create an application with the principles of Web3 and the experience of Web2 (a.k.a. Twitter on the blockchain).
This project has been built in many phases and until it launches, this paper will refer to it by its codename as opposed to the production name. Many of the details are laid out in this paper but many are also omitted. If you're reading this, then ProjectBlank is still under development.
When it goes live, this paper will be updated with the full details of the Project, our approach and how we're continuing our progress in building "Twitter" on the blockchain.