P2P Leasing

The First Application of LeoFi is a Peer-to-Peer Leasing Facility for LEO Stakeholders, Allowing Anyone With Staked LEO to Lease it in a Decentralized, P2P Market
The LEO token carries a number of unique functionalities. One of these unique functions is the ability to delegate staked LEO to other wallet addresses.
When a user stakes LEO in their wallet, that LEO is referred to as "LEO POWER" because it grants the stakeholder additional power and influence over the platform, the content that is displayed and their daily curation reward payouts.
The LeoFi dashboard enables stakeholders and lessees to create P2P leases.
A user who wants access to the power of staked LEO without staking LEO in their own wallet can submit a lease request on When submitting the request, the user decides what APR they'd like to pay in exchange for having access to that LEO POWER.
Stakeholders who want to lease out their LEO POWER to earn a completely passive APR can use the LeoFi dashboard to find lease requests and fulfill them at the displayed APR.
This P2P leasing market allows more passive LEO stakeholders to lend out their LEO POWER to more active LEO users.

LEO POWER Never Leaves Your Wallet

One of the most amazing aspects of this leasing market is that LEO POWER never actually leaves your wallet. A delegation of LEO POWER grants only the "voting rights" of your LEO POWER stake and never actually sends the funds to the recipient.
Think about this as being similar to voting shares in a collective organization. Person A may hold voting shares but may not want to actively participate in voting. Person B may hold some shares but want the power of Person A's shares so that they gain more influence.
With LeoFi P2P leasing, Person A and Person B can strike a leasing agreement in a frictionless and seamless experience without ever risking LEO POWER stake. Person A gets a passive return on their voting shares while Person B funds that return in exchange for more voting power on the platform.