LeoFi is DeFi for the LEO Token: Bringing opportunities right to the native asset for the LEO Token economy
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P2P Leasing

Leasing is the first application on the LeoFi Dashboard. This allows users to lease out LEO POWER (Staked LEO) to each other via a decentralized, peer-to-peer leasing marketplace.
This creates an incredible use case right in the native LEO Token Economy itself. Staking LEO gives you LEO POWER which enables you to dictate the flow of daily rewards in the LEO Proof of Brain Token Economy.
Some users don't want to actively use that LEO POWER every single day. It takes a lot of effort to be an engaged member of Web3 on a daily basis. Instead of letting their LEO POWER go to waste, they can lease out their LEO POWER to other users via LeoFi.

P2P Lending

Lending is a really exciting use case for LeoFi that we're hoping to unveil sometime in 2022. This feature will bring a whole new set of opportunities to the native LEO token: allowing users to do collateralized lending via a P2P, decentralized marketplace: